Sidecar-U is a place where adventurous women leaders in international schools gather to learn from and with each other.

If you've been a leader in an international school, you know that this is an adventure unlike any other, especially for women leaders. This path has been largely shaped by men, and the scope and expectations of school leadership roles reflect that, as do societal norms about what leadership ‘looks like.’ This can mean roadblocks, blind corners and muddy patches that can be tricky to navigate for women.

Yet recent years have shone a spotlight on the vital ways female leadership enhances school communities. When given adequate resources and support, and encouraged to bring their female experience, perspectives, and strengths to leadership, women leaders can nurture environments where all can thrive.

This is the niche Sidecar-U aims to fill. Courses and other learning opportunities offered here are designed to get more women into leadership roles and equip them with the knowledge, skills, confidence and support to lead-while-female.

What's on the frontier for women in leadership? Let's find out! Let's teach each other what we learn. Let's create new pathways with women as guides and inspiration. Let's get more women into leadership roles and support them while there. Let's rewrite a few rule books and make up some of our own


Let's explore together!


Hi, I'm Bridget

I'm passionate about getting more women into leadership roles in schools and supporting them while there.

I've had the privilege of coaching hundreds of women leaders through my Sidecar Counsel practice, and have learned something powerful along the way:

Women are Wise! And when that wisdom is shared, there's no end to what we can accomplish together.